Muller Regine

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שם פרטי:Regine
שם משפחה:Muller
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Regine Muller: To Whom it may concern, My name is Regine Muller & I am writing this letter in order to ask for your assistance to finding my father. My biological father met my mother in 1984. My parents got separated before I was actually born. However, my father opened a court case in order to gain the rights to raise me up. Below please find some important details: Court cases have been held in Amtsgericht Southern Germany, Amtgericht villengen southern Germany, Kreisgugelamt villengen Southern Germany. Another court case has been held in Paris (but I don't know the name of the place) I have already engaged a Private investigator in an attempt to retrieve my father but apparently this private investigator has no right to access information from court. Name of the private investigator is Bastien Meurant (RIF Private Detective, 68, Ruejulien Lacroix, Paris) I have phoned Ried Im Innkreies Court house & spoke personally with Mrs. Grabner responsible for family cases but there's no information I also contacted Mr. Podolski in Villengen who told me that there was a case opened between 1988 & 1992. Mr. podolski told me that there was somebody that was actually claiming to see me but his name is absent I also contacted Kreisgugelamt villengen & spoke personally with Mrs. Silke Zube who confirmed what Mr. podolski said I also contacted Amtsgericht & spoke personally with Gerhard Leuthner & confirmed what Mrs. Silke Zube & Mr. podolski told me, but he gave me additional information i.e. That my case has been handled by an officer called Schwarzer I also contacted Maison de la Justice et du Droit secteur Paris Nord-Est (15 Rue du Buisson Saint-Louis, 75010 Paris, Frankreich) where I spoke with a lady who told me that I should visit the office personally in order to access information Information about my father Physical characteristics Squarish face Blue or green eyes Blonde slightly Curley hair Has a space between his front teeth Other information My father's name is Michel (not sure about his surname but it surely starts with the letter D) Approximately 52 to 60 years old today He's brother name is David who died in a car accident in the year 1985/1986 at the age of approximately 19 years My father gave me a necklace when I was approximately 3 years. He gave me this necklace in Paris. My father sent me a bottle of perfume by postage. Name of perfume is Regine by Regine Zylberberg My father's parents are most probably of Jewish origin Once I heard my mother saying that he wanted to give me the name Samantha I met my father in Paris when I was 3 years old. At those times I remember him having a white car. On that day he also gave me a necklace. Hope you can help me retrieve my father. Don't hesitate to contact me If you need further information.Thanks in advance. You're Sincerely, Regine Muller Sent from my iPad
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