Relative Name
First Name:Avraham
Family Name:Silberman
Free Text
I found a letter in Yiddish that was written in May 1948 from Abraham Silberman. He lived in New York and was sent to his mother's brother who lived in Israel - Yossef Zakheim - who was my late father. Avraham Silberman had a brother who lived in the same period in Detroit. I was born immediately after WWII, and I never knew my father had relatives in the US. I am looking for Avraham Silberman from New York and his brother Mendel who lived in Detroit in 1948, who are the only remnants of the Zakheim family from Belarus. Eliahu Shmuel Zakheim - the head of the Zakheim family in Baranovich is famous for having saved the lives of the Polish president Pelsutzky in 1905. Please kindly advise any details that can help me find their families. Eliahu Zakheim 10/1 Sanhedrin Str, 52376 Ramat Gan. Tel 972-545-277594; 972-545-242560 email:
Birth Relative Details
Country of Birth:Poland
Place of Birth:Baranovich

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