Desire Clinic – Best Hair and Skin Care Clinic in Mumbai

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שם פרטי:Nisha
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Desire Clinic gives an exceptional and unique approach. We pride ourselves in providing the expert standard of brilliance and care. Desire Clinic Begun its Services on 15th August 2000 in Mumbai, Desire Clinic offering a range of unrivalled aesthetic hair care and skin Care treatments for both men and women. Desire Clinic Gives a friendly and warm environment, our clinic strives to offer you expert and professional service of the highest standard of care. We combine your aesthetic needs with our latest advanced technology ensuring one to get optimum results every time. Our core mantra is to be Affordable, Result orientated & Safety to our clients. The Best Laser Hair removal & reduction Clinic in Mumbai is Desire Clinic. Desire Clinic introduces the latest truly painless laser hair removal technology. For Hair Care Desire Clinic Provide Services Like. 1. Hair Transplant 2. Photo biotherapy for Hair 3. Derma Roller 4. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – Hair For Skin Care Desire Clinic Provide Services Like. 1. Fillers 2. Face Contouring 3. LED for skin 4. Microdermabrasion 5. Micropigmentation – Eyebrow 6. Thread Lift 7. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 8. HIFU For Weight Loss Desire Clinic Provide Services Like. 1. Cryolipolysis freeze sculpting 2. EMS 3. Ultrasound Lipolysis / Cavitation 4. Tuck 5. Radiofrequency For Leaser Treatment Desire Clinic Provide Services Like. 1. Laser Hair Reduction 2. Laser Arm Hair Removal 3. Laser Bikini 4. Full Body Hair Removal SOURCE:-
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תאריך לידה:6-9-1996
ארץ לידה:India
מקום לידה:Mumbai

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